TRANSPIRENAICA BY COMPRESSPORT 1st Day, Cap de Creus – La Jonquera


The most difficult thing of carrying this singular route out is to take the first step, and finally, I did it today. It was the first of which, in the end, will be thousands of them. My intention was to set off about 6 or 7 a.m., but due to logistical problems I left at 8:45. I took the last look to the Mediterranean Sea and done.

20_07_04 20_07_05

The first stretch went through the haunted lunar landscape of Cap de Creus, very enjoyable and entertaining, nothing to do with what I found afterwards. The first mistake came in El Port de la Selva, where GR 98 or 93 run into GR 11 and I almost reached Cadaques… Damn it, I wasted two hours there!! I had to return and take the GR 11 back again in Llanca. The stretch between Llanca and Espolla was terrible, really hot, and above all, lots of asphalt. I was quite overwhelmed and I walked most of the time, I had no motivation to run. Luckily, after leaving Espolla behind everything changed, and when I was the most tired, I enjoyed it the most.

20_07_06 20_07_07

I did the stretch between Espolla and La Jonquera among thunders and rainstorms, but as the goal was near, I have not complained that much. Now is time to recover, tomorrow I expect a very hard day.

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